Bost Lures

Bost Lures

Bost Lures has been designing Offshore Trolling Lures for over 25 years. Our innovative technique to use aerospace resin makes Bost Lures virtually indestructible. Bost Lures will not discolor, fade or corrode from within. Every lure goes through a rigorous quality inspection process and every lure is weighted and keel balanced to ensure a perfect and consistent run. While most lure manufactures use machinery to make lures, our process has remained the same for the last 20+ years. We continue to hand pour every lure to ensure perfection. Nothing is done overseas and all of our lures are 100% Made in the USA. Each lure is completely fabricated, molded and assembled by hand in our Florida facility. The skirts are also 100% made in the USA giving them a strong finish that will not fade, discolor or melt in the sun.

Bost Lures are responsible for many Tournament Wins and World Records all around the world including Hawaii, Mexico, Bahamas, Costa Rica, Panama, Bermuda, Carolinas and many more. We are always designing and testing new products to give you the competitive edge needed to land the next tournament winner!!!! Whether fishing the Bahamas Billfish Classic or fun fishing around the globe, dragging a Bost Lure is a must!!

Being competitive fishermen ourselves, we know all the dedication and preparation that goes into every fishing trip. We make sure every attention to detail is consistent and continually evolving to make sure you have a product that you know is flawless.



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